Business Process Outsourcing services

Business process outsourcing services (BPO)

JuiceTIC is also specialized in Business Process Outsourcing.

This type of service is based on the outsourcing of business processes, based on the subcontraction of local service providers or places that offer high levels of quality at reduced costs. JuiceTIC’s expert knowledge on technological environment is a key support for these business processes outsourcing services, making it easier to develop remotely providing more efficiency and more attractive costs. JuiceTIC is a reference provider in Latin America, allowing customers to allocate their efforts in the business, while JuiceTIC’s BPO’s specialists are responsible for processes support:

  • Call Centers: in which end-user and customer queries on various services or products are handled.
  • Customer relationship center.
  • Telemarketing activities with “push” services for the market launchof new products or services, specific campaigns or satisfaction analysis.
  • Invoice management. Preparation, issuance and lifecycle tracking of invoices.
  • Charges and recovery management.
  • Bill or right collection activities and unpaid loans recovery.
  • etc.