Smartphone applications. Adaptive or “responsive”.

Smartphone applications

JuiceTIC considers essential to offer its customers smartphone applications with a customizable design (adaptive or responsive) for cell phones and tablets.

The ultimate reason is that more and more users visit Internet contents from these devices and is a resource for permanently connecting with customers and users and for example, Internet sales are made via higher frequency smartphones.

Smartphones apps are optimized sites for this type of device, adapting to their specific characteristics, enabling:

  • Customers or business contacts can be connected at all times from their devices.
  • Users perceive it as an added value in terms of currency and credibility.
  • The number of people with smartphones and similar devices grows exponentially.
  • It is undoubtedly a smart investment because of the evolution of the own market.

With JuiceTIC smartphone applications are developed by a team of specialists that provide the best adapted solution. It’s not only about a specific functionality design, but of interface and usability, adaptation to different keyboards, tiny screens and particular browsers.