Technology outsourcing services

Technology outsourcing services

Within the area of ​​technology outsourcing services, JuiceTIC’s offering is distinguished by its complete adaptability to customer needs in the delivery models for both technological outsourcing services based on «time and materials» and for those based on «managed services».

JuiceTIC integrates its offer with two basic models of delivery:

Delivery of technology outsourcing services based on time and materials

The services are based on fixed-term projects that include the technical staffs’ features allocated for the service.
Within the scope of this service JuiceTIC performs the following activities:

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Hiring
  • Complementary training
  • Monitoring of technical staff and skill management
  • Administrative management of technical staff
  • Allocation of needed materials
  • “Reporting” to final client and satisfaction evaluation

Technology outsourcing services delivery based on managed services

Under this scheme JuiceTIC delivers technological services of infrastructure or application management, agreeing service levels (SLAs) determined by the clients’ business needs, eg. availability, response time, resolution time, recovery time, etc.

These services can be cross outsourcing technology services (user support services, desktop maintenance services, security services, …), vertical based in technology stacks (storage services, MiddleWare support or specific applications, …) or global (global outsourcing).

JuiceTIC provides this service relying on service management tools based on ITIL and ISO / IEC 20000 standards.