Web applications.

Web applications

JuiceTIC designs and develops web applications collecting customer requirements, their needs, goals or ideas in Internet solutions. JuiceTIC uses ideal technologies according to each project, building web applications in three environments:

Public web applications

Online shops, online newspapers, internet portals,…

Intranet web applications

To cover the customers’ internal processes: such as tracking staff hours, project and task management, presence control, document management, …

Extranets web applications

Oriented towards the improvement of distributers’ processes, customers, commercial suppliers and external partners.

Design and web application development experience

JuiceTIC has a long experience in design and web application development. JuiceTIC adapts software and systems to the business logic of each of its clients, integrating web applications with proprietary management and business planning systems: billing, payroll, suppliers, accounting, … providing comprehensive and efficient solutions in all corporate areas.

Team and technologies

JuiceTIC has an extensive team of analysts and internet developers, completed with graphic designers, software architects and SEO and SEM specialists for the execution of the clients’ projects.

JuiceTIC has an extensive team of analysts and internet developers. #00aad4;»>JuiceTIC uses the newest web development application technologies such as:

Java, Javascript, MS .NET, ASP, Oracle ADF, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap… and content management softwares or complete frameworks that reduce the projects’ “time to market” and ease their subsequent maintenance: WordPress, Joomla, Alfresco,…